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CD 1

It's been a long time since I've posted. Obviously the April IUI did not work, and we took a ttc break for the summer. We were going to do IUI #7 this cycle, but it looks like my predicted ovulation date would possibly land on a weekend, so I'm just going to monitor this cycle, continue working hard with WW, and see what next cycle brings.

On the weight loss front, I am down to 168.2, bringing me to 25.2 pounds lost since January! I still have 27 pounds to lose until I reach my goal weight, but hopefully I get a BFP before then!


Back from Vegas and had a blast! I'm very scared for weigh in tomorrow, however. Four days of eating and drinking and not paying attention to counting points is going to kick my butt I'm afraid. We didn't win any money but had tons of fun. We saw Frank Caliendo and he was so funny- great show!

I'm 9 DPO today, and this afternoon I caved and tested. I know it's early and I didn't use FMU and it was stark white negative. :(

I also forgot to update last Saturday's WI- I lost 2 lbs bringing me to 175.4

I'll report tomorrows gain after weigh in. ;)

CD 12

Well how quickly things progressed today. I got my smiley at 11:15 today, and the docs got me in for my IUI at 5pm. I started the prometrium this time, we'll see what happens!

Vegas in 5 days!

CD 10

Today I'll start with OPK's- here we go again! Hopefully I'll get that smiley anytime between today and Wednesday- works best with the doc's schedule.

Yesterday at weigh in I was down 1.8 bringing me to 177.4. 3 pounds away from my 10%!

Vegas in one week! Woohoo!!


Placed my order yesterday for this cycle. AI will be around the 22nd- right before Vegas!

Had fun at Spudingo last night (baked potato bar and bingo fundraiser). Didn't win any prizes but was still a good time.

Maintained at WI today- still 179.2

CD 1 :(

AF showed today. On to another cycle. Hopefully it'll be good timing this time, and I'll get that long awaited BFP. Can't believe we've been trying for 6 years.


Tested this morning and a BFN. Temps are still up, boobs hurt, and cramping. I'm sure AF will be showing fairly soon, though. Just look at that 3 day difference between the IUI and when FF says I ovulated. Long time for one of those little guys to live.

Happy Easter

Weighed in yesterday and I was down 0.8- to 179.2- 14.2 total since Jan 9th!

FF thinks I o'd 3 days after my IUI- but it wasn't a positive confirmation. Either way, I think we did it too late. So I'm 7DPO? 10 days past IUI for sure though.

Easter today, everyone's coming here for dinner, I'd better get to cooking!

WI day & IUI update

Today was WI- and I lost 1.6 pounds. Down 13.4 in 2010.

We also did our IUI on Thursday afternoon. I'm already sure it was a bust. My temp still hasn't even gone up, and I ran out of OPK's, so I never even got the smiley. I thought for sure I was getting close, and it was the only time they could do it, so we just went for it. I wish they were able to get me in on weekends, it would sure make things more accessible.

CD 3

Placed my order this morning. One little vial. I'll start testing with OPK's in one week.

Took mom out to lunch yesterday for her b-day- had fun. So glad she is moving on and going forward with the divorce!

3 short days and we leave for Leavenworth- yay!



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